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Michael Buller, Fort Lauderdale

“I was able to sell my old couch before my move and use the money towards my new one! Thanks, MoverMarket!”

Michael Buller, Fort Lauderdale


Get moving quotes quickly and easily.

MoverMarket connects you to local and long-distance movers in a few clicks. Just enter your information, and you'll receive quotes from multiple movers to choose from.

Get moving quotes quickly and easily

Sell items you no longer need.

MoverMarket's marketplace lets you sell items you no longer need. Just snap a picture, add a description, and set a price. Someone in your area can buy it and come take it off your hands.

Sell items you no longer need

One stop shop for all your moving needs.

MoverMarket provides everything you need for your move in one place, including supplies, mover quotes, and a marketplace for buying and selling items. We make your move stress-free!

One stop shop for all your moving needs

"I found my mover on MoverMarket, and it was such an easy process. Highly recommend!"

Kyle Lia, Boston
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